Sunday Workshops

Student-led Workshops:

Beijing International Bilingual Academy
Leukemia Kids and Chemicals - A Never Ending Story?
Our group is really four different groups (or representatives from those groups). Each group has a slightly different focus but we are bringing them together and will act out a story which links the themes. We follow a Beijing family caught up in spiral of misfortune brought about by a combination of real life circumstances. Our thought-provoking links closely with the conference theme and touches on the activities of our Service Learning groups. There is a degree of inter-activity with the audience. There is content which is 'close to home' and rather poignant, but there is an optimistic ending underlining the message that we really can make a difference. 

Bali Island School
Bee Population Decline
I have been involved with an organisation called Save the Bees Bali for over a year now, and I am now the “bee ambassador”. In Hatten Wines, Pemuteran Bali, we conserve bees by growing hives that we get and transfer from the money we earn from our sponsors. In my workshop, I will hold a presentation about bees and their importance in our everyday lives and how I got involved. After that, I will show a 2-3 minute video showing a message “no pesticides for bees” and highlighting a reference in the video which is “save us”. 

Beijing City International School
Elephant Awareness 
Did you know that an estimated amount of 100 African elephants are poached each day by ruthless and merciless poachers leaving only 400,000 left? Did you know that elephants will be completely extinct in 2020 because of our inconsiderate actions towards the elephant species? In this workshop, we will present to you an entertaining and informative video about how the ivory trade in China which will become illegal by the end of 2017. Get a chance to participate in a fun and interactive activity and take home a wonderful elephant DIY. This is the time for change so come participate in our workshop and make a difference!

Paper Mountains
Do you find yourself troubled by terrifying nightmares about wasted paper creeping into your sleep every night? If so, this workshop will be the perfect opportunity for you! To start off, we will inform you of the statistics gathered from our school. Next, we will introduce to you the methods of recreating paper through recycled paper. You will even be able to create your own art with them. Lastly, you will have the chance to be involved in helping make your school a better place by going around to discover where wasted paper has been left.

Canadian Academy
Education For All
Do you know how many people in the world don’t have the privilege of an education? In 2010, there were approximately 70 million children who did not have the chance to go to school, a fact that can greatly impact your life. The purpose of our workshop is to help others understand that having an education is often not a possibility for children even though it is so important for having a happy and healthy life. In our workshop, we will play a card game where people chose their life circumstances at random and try to make the best of their opportunities with and without an education. The goal of this activity is to make people understand the challenges of a life without school and develop a better appreciation for their own education. 

Canadian International School of Vietnam
Mapping Your Closet
Have you ever wondered where you clothing comes from? We are from Vietnam and in recent years, Vietnam has grown into one of the top producers of textiles and clothing- almost surpassing China. Many of the clothes you wear are probably made in part in Vietnam. One downfall to this is that many children are involved in clothing production in our country. Families that are in poverty often choose to send children to work in textile factories rather than to school. Lack of education leads to many issues for these children later in life. In this workshop we will explore these issue and discuss ways the simple ways you can help (such as picking socially responsible clothing) in order get the next generation of children get back into schools! 

Chadwick International
Sexism is a Social Disease
Gender is a term that describes certain attitudes, roles and responsibilities assigned through a social process to males and females. It can often result in different opportunities and behaviour for both men and women. Many people think that the gender problem has been solved. While we have certainly made much progress, we have not eliminated all gender inequality by far. In this workshop, we will introduce gender equality issues and do some interactive activities around gender stereotypes. We will also have time to discuss how we can reduce gender inequality. 

We Are All One
What images come to your mind when you hear the word ‘racism’? What kind of world would it be if there was no racism? This workshop will focus on raising awareness on the causes and effect of racism. We are going to start with an activity that will give us a simple lesson that no matter our skin colour, we are all one and a part of the human race. After the activity, a short presentation will be given. In the presentation, the actions taken by the Chadwick International middle school GIN group will be explained. Then we are going to have a deep discussion about how we, as middle school students, can help eliminate racism in our society. 

Chinese International School Manila
Paper Creators
In this workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to work with their hands to manipulate scratch and recycled paper and create new products and commodities. These products and commodities provide a snippet onto the materials that can be made from waste paper products, which provide a source of livelihood for skilled workers in underprivileged communities.

Save our Skin and Seas (SOS²) 
In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to work in teams to evaluate the extent of the impact of using skin products on marine ecosystems. Using interactive, systems thinking-based activities, participants will be able to explore possible solutions on how to save the seas in their own spheres of influence.

Daegu International School
Dog and Cat Shelters in Need
Our student-led workshop is all about aiding dog and cat shelters in need. We decided to lend a hand to a shelter near our school, called the Hannah Shelter. The Hannah Shelter is in a tough situation and needs help in any way possible. The shelter would appreciate anything that would contribute something positive to the lives of the shelter's dogs and cats. We will have a brief presentation about Hannah Dog Shelter and its needs. Our workshop will consist of making collars for the shelter dogs. These collars will be able to help volunteers in that the collars will indicate which dogs are hostile and which dogs are not. Moreover, the collars will make it easier for volunteers to choose specific dogs that are able to go on walks. 

Dostyk American International School
Captive Marine Mammals
We will be making a presentation about the conditions of captive marine mammals(killer whales, dolphins) being used for entertainment at sea parks. The workshop will open with a short warm-up activity to test prior knowledge. Then there will be a slide presentation with information about different aspects of the effects of captivity on orcas and other sea mammals trained to perform. The workshop will end with a Geo-Jeopardy format game with teams taking turns answering questions based on the presentation.

Hong Kong Academy
P.A.L.: Plastic Awareness League
Do you know how much plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year? If not, please come to our workshop and find out. Our goal is to teach everyone about plastic issues globally and locally. To illustrate and raise awareness about our goal and mission, we will be creating alternative bags using t-shirts that we have collected from around our school. Students will contribute to this project by making their own alternative bags.

Hong Kong International School (HKIS)
The Power of Sight
In our ever-changing world, compassion seems to be a vestige of bygone days. Today, we often forget the differently abled, the very people who require our aid. Instead of extending a hand to help, we leave them to fight on their own. In our workshop, we will guide you in the production of dog toys, which will be used in the training of seeing-eye dog. This experience will allow you to involve yourself directly in the aiding of a disadvantaged community. Meanwhile, news is being shared at an unprecedented rate, and many of this news seems to be untrue. The enabling of all to write and share unethical content has allowed the term ‘fake news’ to become commonplace. Do you think you’ll be able to distinguish real news from fake? Come test out your analysis skills through our workshop! We will be giving you real articles and fake articles, and teaching you how to find differences between the two. So, don’t wait to open your eyes. Join our workshop to regain the power of sight!

Jakarta Intercultural School
Smoking Through Generations
The issue of smoking is known to everyone, but how does it affect us children as the future of this world? Many of us are exposed to smoking at a very young age and some begin to experiment with it in middle school. In this workshop, you will play a game with an interesting take on anti-smoking campaigns. Be ready to get physical! We will also work together and discuss solutions to this global threat so that the world, and our campuses, can be healthier. 

Think Beyond Plastic
Did you know that 80% of marine debris found in the ocean is land-based? Did you know that plastic has a deadly impact on hundreds of marine species? This workshop is intended to educate other students on how they can take action to reduce the amount of plastic that is being used at their schools so that it can become more environmentally sustainable. We will provide examples of what we have done so far to ensure a more environmentally sustainable campus as well as what we plan to do in the future. Participants will leave with ideas that can be implemented on their own campus. 

The Purrfectly Animal Friendly Campus
Many campuses have a local animal population. We will share how we have incorporated animal rights and care at JIS. Our workshop will take you through our process, successes and struggles as well as next steps so that you may be galvanised to provide the same animal care at your school.

Saigon South International School
Our GIN topic at Saigon South International School this year is littering, thus we have come up with different ways to raise awareness. In perfect timing, RMIT, a neighbouring university in Ho Chi Minh City, wanted to collaborate with us. Mr.Nguyen Huu Nhan, who works at RMIT and is the leader of the "Green Turtle Army," also gave us permission to use his cool designs. Throughout this year, we have been creating game prototypes, which are for elementary school students, where kids will be informed about the intensity and impact of littering in Vietnam. Recently, we actually got to test our games with elementary kids at our school, too. RMIT wants to take our ideas as inspiration to create a package-able curriculum for schools all around Vietnam.

For the HongKong GIN conference, in our workshop we will tell more about what we have done so far, and also have participants try out some of the games that we have created. The workshop is divided into 2 sections; one part is the presentation, and the other part is the actual game playing. The two games that we are going to play in the workshop are: "Turtle Puzzle" and "Scavenger Hunt." These games were chosen out of many other games that we made, therefore they are definitely worth trying. Although they are geared towards elementary schoolers, fun is still guaranteed for everyone of all ages!

Shen Wai International School
An orphanage, a well, a future, a life
As you enjoy the city life, can you imagine the lives of orphans affected by the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge Massacre in rural areas in Cambodia? Come join us and see how we help support the orphans, the future of their country and the world.

Surabaya Intercultural School
One Day Without Shoes
There are many students living in remote areas in Indonesia who go to school barefoot because they cannot afford shoes. We chose a province we want to help--which is Papua--and organised a fundraising event for this cause. We had One Day Without Shoes event with games and activities to raise money. As the results of this event, we are able to help 23 students to buy sturdy and comfortable shoes for school..

Shanghai American School--Puxi
To Belong
Have you ever felt like you don't belong? Some research suggests that upward of 42% of students feel as though they have been socially excluded or embarrassed at school (Kadin, 2015). So what does it mean to belong? In our workshop we will be presenting an original slam poem and a short film that showcases real life examples of persevering through not belonging. Join us for a memorable experience.

Women’s Inequality
Do you believe women are viewed as equal to men? Do you believe women have equal opportunities to men in society? In this workshop, we will share our research with you and raise awareness regarding women’s inequality. As well, we will have an interactive game at the end of our presentation.

NGO Workshops:

Body Twister Meets Code!
Come play a game of twisters like never before and learn some computational thinking skills (for connecting rural places to mobility networks)!

Compass Education
Thinking in Systems
Have you ever tried to take action to address a global issue only to feel daunted by how complex our problems are? Come to our workshop, where we'll help you feel more confident to take action in your community by exploring the nature of "systems". In this interactive workshop we will explore systems thinking and the Sustainability Compass. You will learn how to organise your ideas about Global Issues in a non-linear way. We will be using these tools to explore a current issue and together find ways to create an action plan. Every delegate will walk away with a tool they can use to better understand their global issue.

Working for Sustainable Development
What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Why are they important? In this interactive workshop we will explore the 17 goals for Sustainable development and their significance in our current work to solve global issues. Be ready to problem solve and think outside the box as we delve into issues and make critical decisions that can change the world! Every delegate will way away with an idea as to how they can better address the global issue about which they're most passionate.

Kenny Peavy of Earth Matters
Finding partners and sponsors for your Community Action Project
During this 45-minute workshop Kenny will share how he has successfully received sponsorship and partnered with businesses, NGO’s, media and local communities for his projects.Students will walk away with a plan and outline of how to write their own sponsorship letter to build mutually beneficial relationships for their proposals and projects.

Michi Ferreol of African Leadership University
Reimagining Education 
What is YOUR ideal learning environment? Is it living on a boat for 6 months, traversing large bodies of water and only stopping at quaint seashore towns? Is it sitting under a canopy of trees in the middle of a forest, observing wildlife and sketching the vegetation around you? Or is it studying in the middle of an island paradise, where an online platform connects you to anywhere and anyone in the world? These are the real ways in which educators all over the world are reimagining the classrooms of the 21st century--using unique learning models and advanced tools to provide high quality education for all students. Join us for this workshop as we build the ideal "school" and reimagine education!

World Vision
World Hunger: Much More Than Empty Stomachs 
What does hunger really mean to 795 million starving people? It is way more than empty stomachs and going bed hungry. Millions of children are threatened by the fatal and irreversible effects of malnutrition. Hunger is also the root cause of many complicated problems from child labour to child marriage, pushing children into the spiral of exploitation and abuse. This workshop will challenge your perceptions about hunger and poverty by giving a holistic view of the situation faced by impoverished families in developing countries. Come and hear what World Vision is doing to tackle hunger and help communities to thrive. Find out the key actions you can take to combat this terrible injustice and build a better world for children.