Workshop & Booth Guidelines

Service and Action Fair: Student-led Booths (Information Tables)
During the lunch period on Sunday your team has the opportunity to run an informational booth about an environmental and/or social justice issue of your choice and what your team is doing to take action. Every team participating will have a table to set up to for various informational material. During the service fair, one or more members of the team will man your booth while the others can experience the booths of other schools and NGOs.

For your booth we recommend you have…
  • Poster (able to stand on its own) with the name of your school and team.
  • Posters (able to stand on their own) with information about the issue you are tackling.
  • Laptops/iPads with digital information about your issue/team.
  • Handouts, stickers, informational materials, etc about your issue.

Student-led Workshops
Your team has the option to run a 45min workshop about an issue of your choice. This workshop will run once and can be attended by a maximum of 25 students.

For your workshop we recommend you have:
  • A short presentation about your issue.
  • An interactive activity or game to educate the students on your issue.
  • Any materials needed for this activity.
  • Visual aids.
If you have any questions about your booth or workshop, please contact us.